Wednesday, February 11, 2009

:: Crazy Lady on Road 80 ::: Anthro no apology Giveaway

:: Crazy Lady on Road 80 ::: Anthro no apology Giveaway

Can you believe this awesome giveaway? She really is a crazy lady... I wonder if she really does live on Road 80 though.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Resolutions

As I sit here reading some of my favorite blogs (i.e. crash test dummy and her comments) while playing Settlers of Catan in java, I'm feeling sort of guilty. The main reason I feel sort of guilty is I am sitting here on the couch with my feet up on my huge pile of laundry while every thirty seconds I hear one of my children's creepy toys say, "I see you," in a high pitched voice. *Shiver* New Years came and went and while I had some ideas of great things I wanted to do with my life, I never sat down and blogged, oops, I mean, wrote them down. So here are my New Years Resolutions. I am going to so alter my life that people won't recognize me. (Or people who went to high school with me will recognize me.)

1. Take a sleeping pill every night at 8:30 so I will be able to go to sleep by 9:30 at the latest. Which will thereby enable me to:
2. Wake up every morning at 6:00 (or earlier of course) which will help me change from being a night owl to a morning person who is addicted to sleeping pills.
3. After waking up at 6:00am at the latest I will read my scriptures without falling asleep and then commence my daily 5 mile run.
4. Making sure to be showered, dressed, and primped with my apron on, I will then have a hot breakfast ready for my husband who has previously never seen me conscious before leaving for work. (I need to go buy an apron!)
5. Even though by 10am I will be dead tired and ready for a nap I will not walk down to the local Circle K to get a hit of Dr. Pepper because I will not drink a drop of soda this entire year! Can I do it? Can I? Yes!
6. I will strive everyday to have a craft/activity/recipe/thank you card session/TV show to do with my lovely children.
7. I will clean up this craft/activity/recipe/thank you card session/TV show immediately after completing and taking a picture to brag about on my family blog.
8. I will iron my clothes before wearing them. in public.
9. I will attempt to iron my husband clothes for him so he won't have to do them himself.
10. I will not leave laundry piles around my house that are very comfortable to put my feet up on.
11. I will quit complaining that I have 3 children under the age of four. Waa.
12. I will make it to sacrament meeting before the sacrament is passed out. Then I will go back home and get the rest of my pajama-clad family ready.

Shoot! It's midnight already and I didn't take my sleeping pill. I guess I'll have to start being fantastically different tomorrow. I'm going to go eat that donut that I hid from my husband and tfind some soda somewhere around this house. Then I'm going to hunt down that toy that just said I see you! again, and chuck it in the garbage can. This is going to be a great year! 2009!