Sunday, November 30, 2008

What I Actually Ate Today... For Reals.

Since I am confessing my deepest darkest "Mommy Sins" I've decided to come clean about my diet today. It was not a good diet day. It is a day that I like to call a body-shock day. It's where you consume as many empty, horrible calories accompanied by large helpings of fat and sprinkled heavily with MSG. In my own personal weight loss theory (based soley on what people have told me by word of mouth what they have read in books or watched on the Today Show or Oprah) this shocks my system into losing more weight throughout the week. Then I feel a little bit better about it because it's included in my long-term dieting goals. Goals which have been forced upon me because the youngest sister in my and my husband's family is getting married within five months.

Let's see... I have five months to lose weight that I have steadily been putting on since high school. That's ten years, and three kids worth of chub and saggy bags. Are you ready for the grand total? Drumroll please.....





72 pounds.

Do you know why I have to lose this much? Because the five sisters (yes five) on my husband's side were all hefty girls that now all fit in their skinny jeans just in time for this wedding. My mother-in-law has made some definite subtle comments about her expections of my weight. "Everyone must be at their absolute skinniest at every family wedding. It's the rule. I don't know whose rule but we must follow it. Your picture is going to be on the wall forever in the mandatory family photo. Do you want to be the only whale in a sea of flounders?" (OK she didn't say it in these exact words... but the meaning was there.)

OK so what was I supposed to be writing about? Oh yes... here is the list of what I ate today:

Breakfast - The rest of the Winter Oreos in the package. (sidebar... what is up with Winter Oreos having a red center? Something called Winter Oreos should have a blue center or... you know... white. Red Oreos should be called CHRISTMAS OREOS. Hellooooo Nabisco!)

My two boys saw me scarfing the rest and asked if they could have one. Well... I was down to my last one so I took a bite then broke the remaining piece into two. Aren't I fair?

Lunch - skipped because felt guilty about eating all the Oreos.

Snack - Two rice crispy treats.

Dinner - 1/2 a can of Spaghetti-O's. Yuck!

2nd Dinner - I had to run to Circle K to get my sick Hubby some Gatorade. Since I was already breaking the Sabbath, I decided to run for the border also. So two crunchy tacos supreme. Yum!

Can anyone else top me on most horrible food consumer? Anyone?

Tomorrow I will start my diet again. (Ha ha!)


the-mommy-person said...

I feel for you! I myself have added a good 60 lbs more for my hubby to love since we got married 8 yrs ago. 4 babies and not really loosing any weight between really adds up. But I'm not sure I can lay all the blame on my babies. I like to eat and eat I do! I decided last night (I said it out loud to my hub and baby) that I was done messing around! "Momma's gonna get skinny!" So far today, first day, is good. I can usually make it one day. But there was talk of going out.....oh man. :)

tobymine said...

You are looking at the queen of bad eats. I can literally eat constantly, all day long, all junk, and never get tired of it. You think I exaggerate. I so do not.

Also your blog is hilarious. I'm adding you to my blog roll.

(And I have to lose at least 100 lbs, so you win :P )