Monday, December 1, 2008

I Confess

Tonight we held a Family Home Evening Group at our house for all of my husband's extended family. I'm talking his brothers, sisters, future fiance', cousins and even his mother's first cousin and husband. So the fun is happening, the songs have been sung, the lesson is over, treats are served, and eight o'clock rolls around.

Eight o'clock in my house is that sacred time of night when no children are allowed to be conscious or out of their little soft rectangles. This rule is hardly ever broken. Tonight was not going to be an exception. My 5 month old went down without a fuss... like always. I just love her! *sigh* I bargain with my four year old that he can play on the computer if he gets all ready by himself. The barely-talking-almost-two-year-old is telling me, "No nigh-nigh! Yuck!" Well the group was hollering at me that it was my turn and they were all waiting. I just had to do it! So I confess... after changing his diaper, I put my two year old to bed





And then my four year old fell asleep underneath the computer desk a little bit later. *snicker*

He's at least in pajamas.

I'm a horrible parent! Call Britney Spears and tell her she's lost the title!

What did you do today that you don't want anyone else to know? Your secret is safe with me... (unless I will be held legally accountable or something.)


Anonymous said...

Ummm today I let my 10 month old play in his crib for 4 hours while I slept in. Gave him 2 bottles so he was stocked, but I'm sure he wasn't pleased (with a pillow over my head I don't hear the screaming though.)

Yeah, I suck. But Toby got his revenge - a massively disgusting diaper that required a serious bath. Yuck.

Motherboard said...

I went in the men's bathroom on accident today, and laughed all the way home because I had the best! blog! post! ever!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's great to make new bloggy friends!