Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Car Breakdown

My chillin's and I were leaving my brother's house late, after celebrating my nephew's 2nd birthday. Both of my extremely tired boys were sent home with a balloon. (These balloons were just ordinary CO2 balloons not like Nienie's marvelous helium balloons.) (I just love Nienie if you haven't noticed.) Well this really surprising thing happened.






POPPED! (I bet you saw that coming, didn't cha?)

He is just bawling uncontrollably, and other son is just hysterical. "Mom! His balloon popped! His balloon popped!" he is screaming four octaves higher than usual. So I say, "I'm so sorry honey," to the two year old and "Shhhh, calm down so he won't get more upset!" to the four year old. These two messages were repeated an innumerable amount of times while I am trying to find a place to pull over. I finally find a place that I probably won't get mugged in, then I get out to console and check if there are any balloon pieces stuck in my baby's face. (There weren't any... don't panic!) After about two minutes, I give up on trying to calm the two year old and I climb back in. "I know! Do you boys want to listen to your favorite CD?" I say and put it on. Miraculously, my two year old stops crying. I give myself a mental pat on the back. Yes!!! I did it!!! After two bars of The Popcorn Song, my two year old starts wailing again. I sigh in frustration and say, "Why are you crying again, sweetheart?" Immediately, in a voice five octaves higher than normal,







It is possible to laugh and cry at the same time.

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