Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wanna-Be Super Recipe #1

Did six o'clock sneak up on you too fast? Do you need a super-quick, tasty meal idea that your children will actually eat? Follow these easy instructions from Yours Truly.

1. Pull out a bag of tortilla chips and pre-shredded cheese. (You could shred your own cheese if you insist but that isn't super-quick or easy, now is it?)
2. Pull out small paper plates. (Paper plates are crucial to being a Wanna-Be Super Mom. They add the necessary ambiance to an underachieving lifestyle.)
3. Dump a handful of tortilla chips on plate and spread out slightly.
4. Dump a handful of pre-shredded cheese on top of chips.
5. Microwave for less than thirty seconds or it will be so burnt and crusty that I can't guarantee your children will eat it. Set aside momentarily.
6. Open a can of black beans, rinse disgusting goop off and dump in microwavable bowl. (Don't be grossed out by the visual.)
7. Sprinkle black beans lightly with garlic salt so they will be edible.
8. Microwave for one to two minutes.
9. Scoop black beans on top of chips.
10. If you are one of THOSE people who have to add a garnish to everything, you can open a can of olives and sprinkle on top of beans and chips.
11. Serve to grateful, hungry, happy family with a smile!
12. When family is done eating scrape up partially chewed olive chunks off of floor, along with crushed up chips crumbs on chairs.
13. Then hose down ceiling to wash off the effects of flinging black beans.

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture. I want to frame it and hang it in my dining room someday.

I can't eat nachos... something about the microwaved cheese? I'm weird. But DH makes them all the time. For my "quick" meals, I usually dump a can of corn, black beans, Rotel tomatoes with diced green chiles, and white hominy in a 9x9 pan and bake it for 30 min. Add some cheese on top and serve it with tortilla chips. See that I can eat without problem but nachos just squick me out.