Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fighting for the Christmas Spirit

Every year on December 1st, I get all these ideas and dreams in my head about the wonderful things I am going to do each day with my family to create memories and have the Christmas Spirit. (Yes I capitalized it because it is very important to me and deserves that big letter.) I come up with this great idea to have a kids Christmas decorating party. I invited my SIL and her two kids to join my little crew. We went to Michael's and got some little crafts to do with the kids. I had visions in my head of these little cheap crafts turning out like all of Nienie's crafts with her kids. These are the highlights of how it really went down.

*Started with the four kids sitting at the table. 2 two year olds and 2 four year olds. My poor baby was abandoned to do endless amounts of tummy time on the carpet because I forgot to bring a baby apparatus with me to my SIL's house. (Ok CPS! Not really abandoned... )
*Put the sugar cookie dough in front of the children with 40 cookie cutters to choose from.
*Two year olds ate the cookie dough and cookie cutters.
*Four year olds are whining and crying because the two year olds were eating all their dough.
*The cookies end up looking like roadkill.
*I look over and my two year old has one of his cookie cutouts stuck to the metal spatula and was sucking it off. His nose was runny and there was some mixing of certain bodily fluids with the dough. I nearly retched.
*On to the coloring. Santa masks. One Santa looks like Pretty Pretty Princess with a cotton ball beard, the other looks like Multicultural Santa or a bomb scene at the crayola factory.
*Unwashable markers... all over.
*Now comes swirling drops of glitter paint in the clear glass bulb ornaments. You all seem pretty intelligent... just guess what happened.... yep... you're right. Glass shards stuck in paint, stuck in the grout of my SIL's kitchen.
*Me saying, "I give up! Last one in the car is a moco-encrusted cookie."
*We are scheduled to return tomorrow to frost and decorate the roadkill cookies. *biting nails*

I sure am good at creating memories. =)

FYI... moco is booger in Spanish.

Anyone interested in pictures?


Julie said...

I'd like to see pictures!

Just kidding.

Sounds like the kind of memories I used to provide my kids with when they were young,

Now that they are grown it's great fun to look back on all these "moments".

I still have some of the ornaments my kids made when they were little, As we hang each one,we all laugh and talk about the time we made....the ornaments made out of beads of green,red and white...the ones we made out of bread dough...the ones we made out of toilet paper tubes....and of course, the gardlands made of constrution paper.

Nicole said...

Pictures would be the best. I'm glad that my life is not the only one like this.
And you are making memories, you will look back on this and laugh some day.