Sunday, December 14, 2008

Help! Santa is Bewildered and Broke!

Alright people! We have less than ten days until Christmas and I've got to get my act together! I need some advice from my dear fellow bloggers and followers. (Look I have FOUR followers! Awesome! I heart you all! *kiss kiss*) Here is the situation:

I bought some toys last year after Christmas on clearance and saved them for this Christmas (cuz we have no mo-neh.) I bought my four year old a HUGE (it's scary how huge it is) Lego set because he loves Legos and they will be from Daddy and me. I also bought a little bike that will be from Santa. I tried to get him excited about a bike for his birthday six months ago and he has not been interested=(. But he NEEDS to learn those gross motor skills soon or he's going to be one of THOSE kids that is picked last for teams or can't escape the dodge ball... like I was. So I'm sort of surprise/forcing this bike on him, I guess.

However, lately he has wanted some stupid, little toy he saw on a commercial. He is telling everyone that usually likes to spoil him - Granny, Meme, Santa, Aunt Balena. It's called Pixos Popper? Does anyone know what I am talking about? Bueller? I could probably afford this $15 gift if I cut back a little on the groceries this week. So the dilemma is: should I go and buy him this lame toy that is his heart's desire? Do I dash all his dreams? Or do I stick to my guns and save my dough? Is there too many metaphors going on right now? I just dunno. (Hey I just made a rhyme! I'm a poet and just don't know it.)
So help me out my fellow bloggers/time wasters! Good karma will be sprinkled upon you all if and when you leave me an advisory/clever/silly comment. (Same as any time you leave me a comment.) (Seriously, I will also include you in my nightly prayers... by screen name. =) How do you handle the Santa business for your family?


Eileen said...

Ohhh, included in nightly prayers! I'm in! The nice thing about little kids is that they really don't know when you've been cheap. My teenagers....oh, they definitely know! Save your money know for the i-pod demanding crew later!

Destiny said...

I would say hold off. We just went through the same thing for my daughters 4th birthday. She was disappointed she didn't get makeup, so we pointed out all the things she did get that she really liked. Also to prepare our girls, we try to stress to them that santa has a lot of children to buy for, so he can't get them everything they want. I completely understand your desire to get it for him though.

Anonymous said...

I say give him BOTH...something he really wants AND something he needs.


This is what happens when you are sensible and buy things ahead of time!

Doncha Wannano said...

Ooo thanks for the sensible comment Julie.

Destiny, I can understand why you didn't get makeup for your four year old. You seem pretty sensible like me. =) (I'm joking) (About myself being sensible, not you.)

Eileen, do you think in ten year we'll still have ipods? Everyone has told me it's the end of civilization as we know it. But I probably should save my money just in case huh?

Anonymous said...

If we don't have iPods in 10 years I'm gonna be ticked off because I just got one after patiently waiting for 5 years and it is a last season model too SIGH. DRAMA.

I would probably cut back on groceries and buy the weird toy that I have never heard of ever. But that's because I'm always paranoid that nobody's going to like what I've gotten for them anyway. I'm currently in an existential crisis because my grandma asked for a knit hat for Christmas and I knit her a blanket instead, so now I am like "can I finish a hat in time?! will anyone else be sad they didn't get two knit things from me?!!!" Yikes.

Doncha Wannano said...

Wow that sucks to have a last season ipod! Poor tobymine! But you know what sucks worse? I don't even have one! What a loser!

I decided today that I am headed back to the good old nineties. No ipod, lost my cell (it's strangely a complete relief that no one can get a hold of me), and I used a coupon at Safeway Gas Station and bought my gas for $.97 a gallon. I should pull out my old high school cheerleading uniform also!

Tobymine you are sooo cool, that you have made all your presents for everyone. Props to you! You are my happy elf idol!