Monday, December 8, 2008

I Confess #4

This blog is all about the true things that happen in my home or with my family that I am embarrassed about. This is a place for me to get those things off my chest or off my mind so I don't accidentally slip and tell them to people who actually know me... or CPS. So in the spirit of honesty and trusting in the camaraderie of the bloggernacle; I must relate this story.

Picture me in the kitchen, cooking dinner. Picture husband upstairs, not watching children. Suddenly a howl, the dramatic four-year old doing his typical attention getting cry/wail. There I am, semi-ignoring it because this happens 25-30 times a day over the lamest things like he spilled a drop of water on his shoe or Mr. Sun went behind a cloud.

"What is wrong, honey?"

"Mooo-oooooooooooom! Two year old stabbed meeeeeee!" (Of course he didn't say two year old but remember... shh!... the mommy mafia!)

I perk up, slightly more concerned, "What did he stab you with?"

Then I see my angelic two year old come around the corner with a super-pokey paring knife and a scary, sinister look in his eye.

Now I'm completely freaking out. "Holy shucks!!! Where did he stab you?" I say, while mentally picturing blood pouring out of a hidden wound.

He pointed to his armpit, and luckily there was not even a mark. I swear, I do not know how my little two year old got the knife. Of course I took the knife away immediately! What do you take me for!?!?!

I am a safety freak! After the paring knife incident, I was beating myself up about watching the kids better and making sure everything was two-year-old-proofed. I was at my SIL's today and my nephew came in from the garage holding these giant tree trimming clippers. Then I didn't feel quite so bad.

Has anything completely irresponsible and dangerous like this ever happened to you? Should I beat myself up some more and put myself in timeout? Please share your opinions/judgements, I can take it.


Anonymous said...

When my kids were small, in one week alone I went to the E.R. 3x because the 1 yr old ate a poisonious mushroom in the backyard where I thought he was safe while I thru in a load of wash-stomache 3 yr old fell on coffee table edge while running thru the house--3 stitches over her eye and my 5 yr old was jumping on the sofa and fell off---broken arm...I thought for sure the docs would call CPS..

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! That is scary. Two weeks ago I dropped some scissors and they almost landed on Toby's head - that was TERRIFYING.

Oh and I've HAD CPS called on me. It's not fun. My therapist sic-ed them on me, after calling me fat. Cool, huh? The story is here

Doncha Wannano said...

Oh my goodness Julie! All 3 in one week! (Now I've got to go check my yard for mushrooms.)

Tobymine did you fire your therapist?
I'm headed over to read the story right now.

Well now I know two people that can empathize.

Jaime said...

So funny and great picture. We had a similar accident with my son and his cousin when they were two that involved one chasing the other with a butter knife.

Danielle said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I read all of yours this morning (I love my job!!!) and you are really funny! :)

Dang, Maddy is only 14 months old and although she hasn't got a hold of a knife (yet) she did almost fall off our bed this morning. Not on accident either. She was up there with me, lunged for the edge, and went over, head first. I did grab her by her ankle and when I knew her head was on the ground, I let her leg go.

She still cried. :(

Anjeny said...

Hi, I was nosing around the bloggasphere and saw your blog on the mormonmommy blog, your blog name jumped out at me so I thought I'd come and check you out.
(Confession: I love the mommy business but I loathe all the housekeeping bits.)
Back to the business at hand, I have a two year old who is constantly getting into things. Just this Friday she got a hold of a cheese crater and cut her little finger on it, of course she was totally torn up about it, and yes I felt lower than scum cuz I thought my kitchen was totally toddler proof. So I can totally relate to you.